An introduction for a part of our works

Our works

Cut the stem of a Shiitake mushrooms

Cutting the stem of the shiitake from the cap, cutting to the specified size, is the most orthodox work of Frontier Nakatsu.

Mask making work

To manufacture masks (molding, sewing, etc.) and pack the finished products.

Work weave the WARAJI(Japanese traditional straw sandals)

This is the production of WARAJI, one of the original products of "Frontier Nakatsu".
The WARAJI are made here that has practicality that are also used in Shinto rituals and festivals

Electric meter disassembly work

It is disassembly work of the electric meter. Disassemble it and sort it into many kinds of metals.

Service work

After to receive a request from customer, go to their designated place and work repairing and installing such as shoji (Japanese paper sliding doors),Screen doors, and cleaning graves...etc .

ICT(Information and Communication Technology) work

We have an extensive selection of task from the basic work of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to web related programs such as html,CSS and Javascript, to general programming language such as JAVA, C language and etc...